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24 hour assistance is available to your pet, so you know there's always someone on hand to help them

It's an anxious time for you when your pet is unwell. If they happen to fall ill in the middle of the night, you might be feeling even more panicked than usual.

That's why we've made sure there's always professional veterinary care available to you, no matter what time your pet might need it.

If you need veterinary assistance after our practice has closed for the evening, out-of-hours care is available.
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Export Health Certificates

Planning to take your pet with you on your travels? We can help prepare them for the trip

If you're taking your pet on holiday with you, or moving abroad, have you researched the legal requirements your pet must meet before they travel? Advance preparation is often required, so don't jeopardise your trip - make sure you're aware of any treatments they need or paperwork you have to complete well before you're due to travel.
Before you take your dog, cat or ferret out of the country, they must fulfil the criteria of the UK Pet Travel Scheme, which allows them to re-enter the UK without quarantine. Additionally, your pet must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before travelling outside of the UK.

If you are travelling within the EU, your pet must have a valid Export Health Certificate, or a third country veterinary certificate if you are going outside Europe. These certify to the authorities that your pet has had all the medical protection they need in order to travel.

Here at The Hackney Vet, our team always stay up to date with the latest advice on pet travel, and we're more than happy to make sure your pet has everything they need ahead of a trip.